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Telemedicine can be effective for managing allergic reactions, especially if they’re mild to moderate and don’t require immediate, in-person medical attention. Here’s how telemedicine might help:

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Here's how the process typically works:


Through video calls or chats, doctors can assess the severity of the allergic reaction by observing symptoms and discussing medical history. They might ask about the type of allergen exposure, symptoms experienced, and any prior history of allergic reactions.


Doctors can provide immediate guidance on managing mild allergic reactions, such as recommending over-the-counter antihistamines or topical creams. They might also advise on lifestyle changes to minimize exposure to allergens.
Prescriptions: If necessary, doctors can electronically prescribe medications to a nearby pharmacy for more severe allergic reactions that require medication beyond over-the-counter options.


Doctors might schedule follow-up telemedicine appointments to monitor progress or to ensure that the allergic reaction is subsiding. They can also provide further guidance or adjust treatment if needed.

However, it’s crucial to note that severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) require immediate medical attention and treatment, typically in an emergency department. Telemedicine isn’t a substitute for urgent care in such cases.

Always follow the guidance provided by healthcare professionals and seek immediate in-person medical assistance if you or someone else experiences symptoms like difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or throat, rapid heartbeat, or severe dizziness, as these could indicate a severe allergic reaction.

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Keep in mind a few important points:

Laws and Regulations: Telemedicine regulations and laws may vary by location. Ensure that telemedicine is permitted for medication refills in your area and that your healthcare provider is authorized to prescribe medications remotely.

Insurance Coverage: Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover telemedicine services for medication refills.

Emergency Situations: In some cases, especially in emergencies or for certain controlled substances, an in-person visit may be required by law before a prescription refill.

Telemedicine offers convenience and accessibility, but it’s crucial to have an established relationship with a healthcare provider who understands your medical history before seeking medication refills through this method.

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Charles Kitchens, NP-C is the founder and CEO of Advanced Practice Telemedicine. He began his career as an Advanced Practice Provider in 2014 after obtaining a Masters Degree from Georgia College and State University. He furthered his career as a Nurse Practitioner by practicing in the Emergency Room at Spalding Regional Hospital. There he served as the Lead Advanced Practice Provider for over 5 years. 

Charles has been successfully practicing in Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care since 2014. As an advocate for universal healthcare, he founded Advanced Practice Telemedicine, LLC. Our focus continues to be inspired through telehealth and we are constantly taking new patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can join the virtual visit by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone (iphone or android) devices.

Normally 10 minutes or less depending on the reason for visit.

We accept most major healthcare insurances. Please check with your carrier to see if you qualify.

No insurance? No problem. We also offer a low self pay rate of $125 per visit.

Yes.  Advanced Practice Telemedicine takes pride in protecting our patient’s privacy. That is why  our virtual visits are not recorded. All information provided is protected through our website encrypted security.


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Very efficient and great follow-up.
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NP Charles Kitchens business, Advanced Practice Telemedicine is very convenient, appointment set up was easy, and NP Kitchens was great- conscise and knowledgeable. Wonderful alternative to sitting in a waiting room specifically during this time of COVID. Recommend 💯.
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Very professional and the site was so easy to use!

Can telehealth prescribe allergy medicine?

Yes, telehealth can prescribe allergy medicine. Telehealth providers are capable of diagnosing allergies and prescribing appropriate medication, such as antihistamines, after a virtual consultation. They assess symptoms and medical history to ensure the prescribed medicine is suitable for the patient.

What can you do for extreme allergies?

For extreme allergies, it’s important to seek medical advice. Over-the-counter antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal sprays can provide relief. Avoiding known allergens, using air purifiers, and getting allergy shots (immunotherapy) are also effective strategies. In severe cases, carrying an epinephrine auto-injector is advised.

How I cured my allergies?

Curing allergies often involves a combination of treatments. This can include avoiding known allergens, using antihistamines or nasal sprays, and undergoing immunotherapy (allergy shots). Each person’s solution may vary, and consulting a healthcare provider for a personalized treatment plan is recommended.

What are the 3 stages of an allergic reaction?

The 3 stages of an allergic reaction are:

Sensitization: Initial exposure to the allergen where the immune system starts to recognize and react to it.
Reactivation: Subsequent exposure leading to an immune response.
Reaction: The physical manifestation of symptoms like sneezing, itching, or rash.

Can you do a telehealth visit for sinus infection?

Yes, you can do a telehealth visit for a sinus infection. Telehealth consultations allow healthcare providers to assess symptoms, medical history, and potential treatment options for sinus infections remotely, offering a convenient and effective way to receive medical advice and prescriptions if necessary.

Can a sinus infection be diagnosed via telehealth?

A sinus infection can be diagnosed via telehealth. Through virtual consultations, healthcare providers can evaluate symptoms, discuss medical history, and provide a preliminary diagnosis. However, for a definitive diagnosis, additional tests or an in-person examination might be necessary.

What is the best natural antibiotic for sinus infection?

The best natural antibiotic for a sinus infection is often debated. Natural remedies like garlic, ginger, and honey have antibiotic properties. Nasal irrigation with saline solution can also be effective. However, it’s important to consult a healthcare provider for appropriate treatment recommendations.

Can a doctor see if your sinuses are inflamed?

A doctor can determine if your sinuses are inflamed by conducting a physical examination, reviewing symptoms, and possibly ordering imaging tests like X-rays or CT scans. Visual inspection and palpation near the sinus areas can also provide clues to sinus inflammation.

Can you clear up sinus infection without antibiotics?

You can clear up a mild sinus infection without antibiotics through home remedies like nasal irrigation, steam inhalation, staying hydrated, and rest. Over-the-counter decongestants and pain relievers can also help alleviate symptoms. However, persistent or severe infections might require medical intervention.

Does Flonase help with sinus infection?

Flonase, a nasal corticosteroid spray, can help with a sinus infection. It reduces inflammation in the nasal passages, easing congestion and other symptoms. While it doesn’t cure the infection, Flonase can provide symptomatic relief.

How do you tell if a sinus infection is viral or bacterial?

To tell if a sinus infection is viral or bacterial, consider symptom duration and severity. Viral infections often improve within 5-7 days and present with cold-like symptoms. Bacterial infections last longer, typically over 10 days without improvement, and may include more severe symptoms and fever.

How does apple cider vinegar get rid of a sinus infection?

Apple cider vinegar is thought to get rid of a sinus infection by thinning mucus, making it easier to drain. Its natural antibacterial properties may also help fight infection. It’s typically diluted with water for consumption or used in nasal irrigation solutions. However, scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness is limited.